Published on:

26th Nov 2020

The Pretzel Podcast takes a seasonal break - We'll be back in the spring.

This was our second season. Thank you for being with us. We hope you have enjoyed the intriguing and inspirational discussions with our speakers and guests.

Even though the podcast takes a small break, our breakfast talks continue as usual, in virtual mode. To find the events, go to and select your city, Munich.

Stay tuned, and we will be back in the spring!

Voice over: Tatjana Krajsic


Total Happy Up And Sunny by Sascha Ende 



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About the Podcast

The Pretzel, The CreativeMornings Munich Podcast
We, at CreativeMornings Munich, organize monthly breakfast talks covering interesting topics in the creative community and life in general. This podcast brings creative inspiration and the stories of our speakers closer to you, in your ears.


pretzel /ˈprɛts(ə)l/
1. a crisp biscuit baked in the form of a knot or a stick and flavored with salt, very famous in the Bavaria region, Germany
2. twist, bend, or contort